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Sendwell Provides a variety of Email Marketing Services for clients that require medium to large campaign deployments.

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Want someone to take care of your email marketing needs from A to Z?

Sendwell provides campaign creation and deployment services with realtime statistic and metric reporting. You can concentrate on monetizing your traffic, and leave worrying about delivery, list management, hygeine, and the various laws that you have to navigate to us.


Want to run your email campaigns in-house?

Sendwell will deploy and manage their custom Campaign Creation, Management, and Deployment system on proprietary hardware clusters that your marketing team can use to manage all aspects of the creative and deployment process.

Leave the worry about hardware and hygeine to us. With integrated Impressionwise RealTime Cleaning, a dedicated staff of technicians available 24/7 - 363, and excellent support, your staff can concentrate on the creative details, and let us worry about the technical.

Our system has also been designed from the ground up to make sure that your team is in strict compliance with CAN-SPAM. Numerous checks and failsafes, working in conjunction with a real-time alert/reminder system, ensures that a campaign is not deployed in violation. Nothing replaces good old manual oversite, however our intelligent monitoring at the time of deployment will certainly help.

Email Marketing Software

Want a powerful, intelligent, and extremely intuitive Email Marketing Platform?

Our software is a "soup to nuts" solution that provides absolute and granular control over a sending environment of either nodal or resident MTA deployments. It provides a robust campaign creation suite that puts you in the designer seat, as well as automatically imports and translates advertiser provided creatives. Hosting, DNS, and SMTP services are handled in a simple yet refined environment, giving you complete control and manipulation of all of your backend processes, and resource handling.

Our Enhanced AutoPilot features are constantly tuned and refined to reflect industry best practices, as well as email practices demanded by recipient ESPs, with minimal sacrifice of volume and rapidity needed by today's email marketers. Our proprietary list database and toolset was designed from the ground up specifically for email marketing. Reflecting unparalleled control and efficiency handling your data. Our system automatically integrates statistical measurement and calculation with outbound flow, based on 1,450 different machine learned MTA optimization profiles.

We are happy to provide more documentation detailing the capabilities and features of the Sendwell Email Marketing System upon request. This brief description can not do our powerful and complete solution justice. If you're interested in inquiring more about our platform, price, or hardware requirements, please let us know at


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Sendwell is currently providing consultation for a small number of individuals and companies.These services are strictly limited to companies and individuals that Sendwell has a strong working relationship with, and are not available to the general public or upon solicitation. If you are currently engaged with Sendwell and have at least one year experience working with us, please inquire at


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